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Welcome To Global Health Access Institute

On behalf of everyone at Global Health Access  Institute, I want to welcome you to the new Certified  Telemedicine/Telehealth Professionals (CTTP) 3-day course. The course  was updated to reflect the latest research and ideas in  telemedicine/telehealth to include telemental, change management,  resistance to change, drone usage in healthcare, cybersecurity  vulnerabilities in healthcare, and artificial intelligence. Global  Health Access Institute is excited to be able to offer this  certification course. We have connected with thousands of people  telemedicine/telehealth and helped them to improve their knowledge. This  course includes information concerning telemedicine/telehealth  terminology, technology, forms, understanding the telehealth team,  record keeping, and building knowledge of telehealth programs.

EPIC Ops Solutions

 EPIC  Op Solutions is a minority woman owned consulting company specializing  in  Strategic Workforce Planning Consulting.  Our approach is multi  -faceted bringing  technology, education, humane resource management,  and quality management management for government, non profit and private  sector clients.